download 3 Min Meditation download Feel Calm & Well


download Health Buidling download Accept Yourself

(3 min) A super short way of feeling peaceful that can even be done standing up

Kindness to Self & Others

(6 1/2 mins) Awareness of breath and visualisation

(6 1/2 mins) Visualise bright positive colours and express through simple sounds

(7 mins) I accept myself just as I am. Can bring up strong emotions.


download Flow & Release


Music to Relax & Sleep

(6 1/2 mins) Breath awareness and imagery to let go and flow

(7 mins) Kindness makes everything easier and kindness can be learnt

(10 mins)  music to soothe and relax from Alphamusic of John Levine



Download Impermanence

(12 mins) Contemplation on things  passing. music by Hamir Kaur, words by Fateh Singh.